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m3gh4n_r0s3. #toastingthetiegs #mylove #wearenext 💍👰🏻🤵🏼

#toastingthetiegs #mylove #wearenext 💍👰🏻🤵🏼

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Celebrating Haley and Edward’s wedding! #wearenext

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best wedding date #wearenext

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kariijane. Night with the young couples😍💕 takk for ikveld! thanks for the advic

Night with the young couples😍💕 takk for ikveld! thanks for the advices and tips😜 #wearenext

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oanamdidu. #wearenext 🙊 😬😳 @deelol2015

#wearenext 🙊 😬😳 @deelol2015

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Wedding time... congrats Jonno and Beth. Great to celebrate with you today. #weddingtime #wedding #fiancee #wearenext

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A reminder of what could be of us . . . During the last days of the dinosaurs, their world was dramatically changing: intense volcanic eruptions , dramatic drops in sea levels and ocean temperatures. Into this mix of environmental stress, a 10 km wide asteroid crashes into the Yucatan peninsula, causing rapid changes in climate and effectively wiping out 75% of Earths species. Scientists know that at least 5 times when at least 60% of ALL species suddenly died-off. These events, also known as Mass Extinctions, have been linked to either geological processes or asteroid impacts, but now is different. Our excessive consumption of resources and population explosion have sent the planet into an ecological crisis : greenhouse gases warming up the planet, habitat destruction, reckless movement of exotic species and pollution has led to a massive decline in biodiversity. The dinosaurs, once the most successful and dominant species are now gone, but their fossils serve as a reminder. Today we are the dominant species, and like the dinosaurs we are facing a mass extinction. Unlike them, we are aware of what’s happening to the planet and yet we refuse to act. If we are not careful, perhaps in the distant future, new intelligent lifeforms will dig up our remains and ask themselves: How such a once successful species go extinct? #dinosaurs #extinction #wearenext #climatechange #sixthmassextinction #conservation #cuatrocienegas #happythursday

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humanity.up. We have created a HumanityUp Ambassador Program!🎉
In this program c

We have created a HumanityUp Ambassador Program!🎉 • In this program changemakers from around the world will be able to spread their message with the world through HumanityUp. We currently have Ambassadors from 5 different countries including Kyrgyzstan, USA, Germany, Holland, and Syria. • Our mission is to empower and connect young changemakers globally to launch sustainable humanitarian projects which solve the world’s most challenging issues. • Let’s inspire more youth to take action and make a difference in the world. Tag your changemaker friends below⬇️

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Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too - Yogi Bhajan.🌟. . This is my mantra when I'm working with clients, but also in life. With this I don't mean walking around with a giant smile on your face always, I mean chosen to see the positive in every situation and meet people with a positive attitude.👏🏼 . When finishing a project, clients have told me countless of times, how my energy and attitude really changed their environment and how they looked at things. Everybody were started to see more positive on things and were generally happier.🙏🏻 . I'm not saying this to praise myself, but to tell you, that YOU have the power to change the energy of the room. YOU can turn it around. I don't remember how many times, I've walked into a room and felt that negative energy, but by expanding my own light and showing it to others, it spread and suddenly the energy in the room would change and people, who I don't know would come and tell my how big an impact I had on their experience.✨☺️ . So whenever you are feeling down or somebody around you, ask yourself what am I excited about in this moments? What is the positive thing in this situation? Sometimes it is just: I'm never gonna be in this situation again. That is perfect. Just choose that thought and feeling and you shall never be.🕯 Lets spread the light together and share your magical stories.🌟🌟

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miamisblivexp. February 2, 2020... 🏈
SuperBowl LIV at @hardrockstadium stay tuned on

February 2, 2020... 🏈 SuperBowl LIV at @hardrockstadium stay tuned on the @miasblivexp IG for all of your party updates #superbowl2020miami #superbowl2020 #superbowlmiami #superbowlLIV #miami #wearenext #hardrockstadium #sbliv #magiccity #miasbliv #miasblivexp #miamisb2020 #miamisuperbowllivexperience GET YOUR PASSES TO THE MIAMI SUPER BOWL LIVexerience hit the link in our bio

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