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Above my hometown is a hill called Suchý vrch. Offers a breathtaking view of the mountains around Banská Bystrica - Starohorské vrchy and Low Tatras. I’m glad @martina_vyberciova showed me this beautiful place. She stayed with me until dark to feed my photographic intentions. Finally, there was no storm! —— Nad mojim rodiskom je kopec zvaný Suchý vrch. Ponúka úžasný výhľad na hory okolo Banskej Bystrice - Starohorské vrchy a Nízke Tatry. Som rád, že mi @martina_vyberciova toto krásne miesto ukázala. Zotrvala so mnou až do tmy, aby som nasýtil svoje fotografické chute. Napokon ani neprišla búrka.

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In the forrests around Poľana you can usually see a bear. But this looks like an ad for Jägermaister.

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If you like modern art, @danubianamuseum in Bratislava is one of the best gallery in Europe. There are also black and white photos of amazing Slovak photographer Karol Kallay. Gallery in the middle of Danube river looks breathtaking.

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Kráľova hoľa. The roof of Slovakia. Although it is more than 50th highest slovak peak. But you can see 5 countries at once. You can find sources of the 4 largest slovak rivers. You can see whole High Tatras, Slovak Paradise NP, Low Tatras ridge and Fatra NP. And probably it’s most commonly mentioned hill in poems and legends. —— Kráľova hoľa. Strecha Slovenska. Napriek tomu, že je viac ako 50. najvyšší slovenský vrch. No možno odtiaľto vidieť 5 krajín naraz. Pramenia tu 4 najväčšie slovenské rieky. Vidíte celé Vysoké Tatry, Slovenský raj, hrebeň Nízkych Tatier a vrchy Malej Fatry. A je zrejme najspomínanejším vrchom v básňach a povestiach.

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Ray of light

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Big dreams, gangster @timea_welsch

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If you are at really high place during the night, you can see lightning that is even 160 km far away when it’s clear.

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Nice gothic protestant church in Zvolen

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If you are in the right place at the right time, you never need Photoshop.

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Rainy Saturday afternoon. Perfect excuse to stay at home all day. But after a week we spent in operating theater and lab discovering new cancer treatment possibilities, wetting in the rain seems to be good idea.

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There are two most fabolous castles in the world. One is #Disney like #Neuschwanstein #castle in Germany. The second one is #Hogwart like #Bojnice castle in Slovakia. It stands above a moat, on an island where wild deer lives and 5 steps from the largest ZOO in #Slovakia. Fairy tale.

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I doubt anybody knew I had a brother. Thanks for being a huge part of this super sweet photo. 😀

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I wasn’t far from destroying my non-waterproof lens, but I’m still happy for this @andreadabene like photo.

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The best thing at @bielanoc in #Bratislava ’s Medical Garden was almost man on the #Moon feeling by @lukejerramartist

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When I went to #Berlin this #beautiful thing happened.

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Every city has a meadow at its edge. You can look and contemplate there. Watch all the planets of the solar system, constellation, planes, satellites and falling stars. We know nothing greater than the universe. And nothing as odd as human settlements. And there, at the edge of city, these two worlds meet. Magic.

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I’d like to live my entire life on the roofs

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The beginnings are always difficult

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Thursday mood

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The only lights on this photo are stars and Banská Bystrica.

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