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Alhamdulillah bereeees🙏🙏🙏 Pesanan my lovely customer , makasiiiiiih semuanya sudah mempercayakan Waroeng Baju sebagai tempat belanja💗💗💗💗, semoga rezekinya semakin lancar dan berkah.... Daaaan di tunggu next order😘😍💕 Thanks for shopping with Waroeng Baju💞💕 #pesananpakaian#

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15 anos do projeto que fez com que eu descobrisse o meu amor pelo Teatro 🎭 (e eu só queria entender o motivo do @1_sonserino ter pedido pra eu ser espontâneo sendo que ele poderia apenas ter tirado fotos minhas sem eu ver kkkkk) #arteportodaparte #teatrodapedra #15anos #aptp #manicomicos #teatromunicipal #teatromunicipalsjdr #saojoaodelrei #sjdr #mg #minasgerais #teatro #arte

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WHY I STOPPED CUTTING First of all I wanted to start of by saying that I play around with my diet a lot to try to find what works for me best and cutting carbs (as my friends know) is so so so so so hard for me- as I’m sure it is for everyone else. I find it incredibly mentally draining and my body does not show the results I want while cutting carbs out, I end up losing too much too quickly, starving myself and hating how I feel mentally and physically; so I just decided to stop fucking around with “cutting” and cuts in general. That being said I’m at a point in my fitness journey that I feel comfortable eating what I eat and pushing the weight I do- HOWEVER this does not mean I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I live by the 80/20 rule and it’s a lifestyle I encourage everyone to have but remember your body is built in the kitchen so: 1) eat clean 2) pay attention to portion size 3) track what you are eating to get an idea of what’s going in your body 🥑💞 #bbmovement #bbmbabes #ashleyresch #womenshealth #health #nutrition #food #coach #yycfood #yychealth #yycfitness #yycfitfam #nike #lululemon #womenshealthmag #yvr #yyz #onlinecoaching

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darja_smol. Не откладывая на последнюю минуту, с радостью и благодарностью к @skok

Не откладывая на последнюю минуту, с радостью и благодарностью к @skoksy, @kat_chechera, @katya_polishuk, @makaron.ka пишу финальный #marafon_mam_отчет. Милые, прекрасные, разносторонние девушки-организаторы, разумные мамочки, любящие и любимые жены, Феюшки-волшебницы, огромное Вам сердечное Спасибо за #marafon_mam, за ваши добрые и удивительно полезные дела ❤️. Пролистав блокнот с записями, вижу что работа за три недельки проделана искренняя и качественная. В тоже время все задания были настолько мягкими, нужными, важными, что легко вписывались в ежедневный ритм, наполняя его радостью. В отчётах это наглядно видно ❤️. На фото мы с мужем счастливые неслучайно. Чувствую, вся семья признательна вам, девушки, за марафон, проживали все задания вместе 💖. А ещё большое спасибо всем гостям странички за поддержку и вдохновение🙏❤️. Благодарим спонсоров марафона за возможность участия: @ahims_a , @vitalyandress , @natalie_tumanova, @elena_antonova_serotyuk. От всего сердца желаем всем Мира, Здоровья, Любви, Радости и Творчества❤️! Будьте счастливы, друзья🙏❤️. #слюбовью❤️ #сблагодарностью🙏

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COMING SOON! Going live on Friday, 6/7/19, this historic 4 bedroom/3 baths property sits on 26 acres of farm land. With sections of the home built within the last 4 centuries, this home features a large newly remodeled kitchen, new laundry room w/ breakfast nook off kitchen, and updated bathrooms. Sit back and take in view on the cool & relaxing rear porch that leads to the outdoor swimming pool. Partially finished walkout basement. Bring your horses! This is a MUST SEE. #CALLME #century21redwoodrealty #Francinesellshomes #yourVaRealtor #RealEstateAdvocate

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herbiethelovebug_53. Disney+ has officially launched as of today, and includes the 5 theatr

Disney+ has officially launched as of today, and includes the 5 theatrical films. While the 1982 TV miniseries and 1997 TV movie aren’t available, there may be a possibility @disneyplus will add them in the future. Credit to @herbiethelovebug1968 for these images. #repost#herbie #herbiethelovebug #thelovebug #herbieridesagain #herbiegoestomontecarlo #herbiegoesbananas #herbiefullyloaded #disney #disneyplus

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enguerran_rbn. Lil'daggerdick.


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alif.hmdn. yang banyak bunyi ni🕊

yang banyak bunyi ni🕊

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yomomusic. LaMorte 🔥🎬❤🤘👈 \" Quien la hace la paga \" Muy mala.
@djvictorkilla @

LaMorte 🔥🎬❤🤘👈 " Quien la hace la paga " Muy mala. @djvictorkilla @hebreoel3en1 @sebas_maximo_nivel #Finesound Music #Jhon Gotti el intocable #Alex the big Pieces #anormalesmusic #yomo #lamorte #laresurrecion

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See what we did here, with that there Ampersand? LOL I can't believe that we are about 90% funded! That's simultaneously exciting and terrifying because, friends, it means we only have 6 days left to raise that final thousand dollars! We are calling on all of our friends, family, fans and check out our campaign if somehow you haven't yet, pledge if you are able and if you are not, share it with anybody you know who might like to hear some great music! I am just overwhelmed by everybody's generosity this far and can't believe then this is really happening! You guys are seriously helping make our dreams of sharing our music and baring our souls, because of your support! Thank you so much! Link to our Kickstarter page is in my Instagram bio!

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