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readgreat_thinkbig.write. Great personalities create history

Great personalities create history #history

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company_of_the_phoenix. A little bit of behind the scenes of the @worldjoustingchampionship in

A little bit of behind the scenes of the @worldjoustingchampionship in Melbourne this year. It was rather wet and cold, but everyone pulled together to create a wonderful experience. I know our members that went down we’re rather tired when they got back home, but enjoying themselves. Thank you to everyone 😊 #costume #worldjoustingchampionship #reenactor #reenactment #knight #reenacting #gameofthrones #hmb #sca #hema #wma #cosplay #medieval #middleages #armour #medievalhistory #medievalist #history #historygeek #medievalenthusiasts

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roseof.heaven. ‼️Not Unveiled Yet‼️
One of the most important secrets of the painting

‼️Not Unveiled Yet‼️ One of the most important secrets of the painting "R.O.H" 💎Nobody Done Befor💎 ✅First & one in the world @officialkamand ... #masterpiece

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evan_the_medievalist. Simeon I of Bulgaria or Simeon The Great was Tsar (Emperor) of the Fir

Simeon I of Bulgaria or Simeon The Great was Tsar (Emperor) of the First Bulgarian Empire from 893 to The 27 of May 927. His reign saw a major territorial expansion of the Empire. His reign was so successful it was known as “The Golden Age of Bulgarian Culture”. His reign saw the prevention of Byzantine and Magyar expansion into his territories. Early in his youth he was educated at Constantinople. He fought many wars with the Byzantines in his lifetime. He died from Heart Failure. #bulgarianhistory #medievalbulgaria #medieval #medievalhistory #middleages #middleageshistory #historyofthemiddleages #slavichistory #bulgarianempire #firstbulgarianempire #firstempireofbulgaria #empireofbulgaria #tsardomofbulgaria #firstsardomofbulgaria Симеон I България или Симеон Велики е цар (император) на първата българска империя от 893 до 27 май 927. Царуването му видя голямо териториално разширение на империята. Царуването му е толкова успешно, че е известно като "Златната епоха на българската култура". Царуването му вижда превенцията на византийското и Маджарското разрастване в неговите територии. В началото на младостта си той бил образован в Константинопол. Той се бори с много войни с византийците през живота си. Той умря от сърдечна недостатъчност.

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Marmion Tower, Yorkshire, England⁣ ⁣ ⁣ The tower was remodelled several times after its original construction in the second half of the 14th Century. Its upper rooms served as domestic chambers. The first floor room was lit by a large oriel window.⁣ ⁣ In 1513, the manor passed to Elizabeth Parr, grandmother of Queen Katherine Parr, the last wife of Henry VIII.

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medievalmatt. Silly rat!
Don’t be mad.
The Plague wasn’t spread by your bite. It was

Silly rat! Don’t be mad. The Plague wasn’t spread by your bite. It was spread by parasites, throughout the world while you scurried around at night! . . . Starting in or around China, the bubonic Plague was spread throughout the Middle East, Europe and Africa along well established trade routes. Eventually eliminating huge amounts for the human population. Estimates vary depending on the source, but every historian agrees it was a turning point for the human race. . . Medieval Matt - fighting misinformation in medieval memes. 😂

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bants_o_wolves. F for those women please 
#meme #middleages #ch

F for those women please Mod:@chotoyt . . . . . #meme #middleages #church #witch #halloween #owo

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Koporye fortress in Russia’s northwest near St. Petersburg was built in the 13th century by a Russian Great Prince on the site of a wooden fortress constructed by Livonian knights. It was razed to the ground by famous Russian Prince of Novgorod Alexander Nevsky – the one who crushed the crusaders in the Battle on the Ice. As long as Novgorod was independent neighboring Sweden occasionally attacked Koporye. When the republic fell and Muscovites took over they reinforced the fortress and made it capable to withstand cannon fire. But still Swedes managed to capture it several times but every time Russians got it back. Not much of the fortress has survived till nowadays – only partially ruined walls and the gate towers with a reconstructed bridge. Koporye has not undergone any serious restoration works since Ivan the Terrible times - that’s why it looks so authentic although ruined. Photo by @andrei_mikhailov 😍🙏🏻👍 . Копорская крепость на северо-западе России недалеко от Санкт-Петербурга была построена на месте деревянной крепости, заложенной рыцарями Ливонского ордена в 13м веке. Но ее очень быстро уничтожил новгородский князь Александр Невский, тот самый, который разбил крестоносцев в Ледовом побоище. Пока Новогород оставался независимым, он постоянно вел войны со Швецией – для нее регион был стратегически важным. Крепость постоянно осаждалась. Когда же Новгородская республика пала, Иван Грозный приказал укрепить крепость. Теперь она могла выдержать попадания пушечных ядер. Копорье несколько раз переходило шведам, но каждый раз русские войска ее отвоевывали. Мало что осталось от крепости: воротные башни, к которым ведет мост, да частично разрушенные стены – и все это, по большому счету, осталось со времен Ивана Грозного. . #koporye #копорье #instacastle #копорскаякрепость #aerialviews #medievalrussia #instacastles #castlesoftheworld #medievalfortress #medievalcastle #medievalcastles #europeancastles #castlesofeurope #castlearchitecture #militaryarchitecture #medievalarchitecture #oldrussia #middleages #замкимира #средневековье #средниевека #русь #средневековыйзамок #средневековаякрепость #крепость #castlesofinstagram #руины #medievalruins #castleruins #dronepicture

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Captured and castrated by the Ming army at age 10, Zheng He became the Chinese Emperor's most trusted assistant and the commander of a massive fleet of ships.⁠ ⁠ Click the link in our bio to read about the 15th-century Muslim eunuch who was one of the most daring explorers in world history.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #history #worldhistory #zhenghe #historyofchina #explorers #middleages

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history_nerdette. Long time followers of my page may have noticed that one of my favouri

Long time followers of my page may have noticed that one of my favourite topics in history surrounds monarchs who have died in a particular unusual or gruesome manner, a topic that fortunately history has in abundance. One of my favourite stories on this topic surrounds a Viking king of England, Sweyn Forkbeard, who ruled the country for only five weeks before his death in 1014, supposedly murdered by a ghost! The more mundane versions of the story says that Forkbeard died when he fell from his horse, others say that he died in his sleep, but the more interesting version is that Forkbeard was killed by the ghost St Edmund the Martyr, The last Anglo-Saxon king of East Anglia who had been killed by Ivar the Bonesless and the Great Heathen Army nearly a century before Sweyns birth. There are a few different accounts of Forkbeards legendary death, the first tells us that the King had been sat atop his horse addressing his Danish warriors when amongst the crowd he spotted St Edmunds ghost armed with a spear and coming towards him. Forkbeard started frantically yelling for help but no one else could see the ghost, the king was then thrown from his horse after being impaled with a ghostly spear. Another version of this legend says that Edmund had first visited Forkbeard in a dream and asked him to cease the oppression of the Saxons or suffer the consequences, when his warning wasn’t headed Edmunds ghost appeared in the dead of night and while the King slept in his bed, Edmund threw a spear into Forkbeards chest and killed him. Though these legends put a more entertaining spin on the death of an ageing Viking warrior they were a Christian invention created many years after Sweyn Forkbeards death, what was most likely is that this warrior king, son of Harold Bluetooth and father of King Canute, died as a result of age and sickness rather than being murdered by a vengeful, saintly king, but it does make the story more interesting 😉 #englishhistory #legend #legends #anglosaxon #anglosaxons #historical #vikings #viking #vikingwarrior #medievaltimes #medievalengland #middleages #darkages #thedarkages #medieval #medievalhistory #historygram #folklore #vikinghistory

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🐐🌸 #motovun #middleages

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