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*** Journey Gottesdienst *** Heute Abend um 18:30 Uhr treffen wir uns wieder im "The Good Coffee" (Steingasse 24, Mz) und wollen Gemeinschaft erleben, Gott in Worship und Gebet die Ehre geben und sein Wort hören. Seid dabei, wir freuen uns auf euch :D #heavenonearth #journeywithjesus #kircheinaktion #mainz

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fotoluk57. Завершающие теплые денечки. Скоро подледный лов.

Завершающие теплые денечки. Скоро подледный лов. #tree

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HOME After 9 months on the road, we have finally returned home to picturesque Cornwall 🚌🏖️. In the 3 days we have been back, we have deep cleaned the house 🧽, unloaded our storage unit 📦, had a meal out at our favourite restaurant 😋, and been reunited with our gorgeous fur babies - Rocky and Pixie 🐾 (see video on stories). It really does feels like heaven 🥰. Rocky has health needs so is raw fed and I wouldn't want to give him the rabies jab for a passport, so we couldn't take them travelling with us 🙁. We were extremely fortunate that they could stay with their breeder who is a good friend of ours 🙏🏼. Be prepared for LOTS of chihuahua spam over the next few days 😆. We learnt a lot about ourselves and our lifestyles whilst travelling; and now that we are home, we wish to live our lives better by being more economical, healthier, more active and fully embracing the beautiful county we live in 🌊🏄🏼‍♂️🚣🏼‍♀️. We also have a little project coming up soon and look forward to sharing that with you too 🤫. H O M E #homesweethome #furbabies #chihuahua #chihuahuasofinstagram #reunion #heavenonearth #datenight #thelongstore #liveyourlife #behealthy #getoutside #outdoorsports #project

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Parmigiano Reggiano 🇮🇹❤️ #modena #emiliaromagna #parmigianoreggiano #cheesemaking #heavenonearth

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My bindings may date this picture, but I remember that moment as if it was yesterday #iswinterhereyet ? #luckytocallthisplacehome #squamonix

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linipee. ~we were born to be real~

~we were born to be real~

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Sunday vibe as it should naturally be.

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Am also one of those people who SILENTLY PRAY for an Unknown person when an ambulance passed by #godkind #godgraceambassador #godgrace #heavenonearth #blackexcellence #blackpride

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I finally went on a holiday and it was -oh so- good 😍 #businesstripsdontcount

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