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Sim ou não?

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Glacier day 💙

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Natural mornings like this can't possibly be enhanced via photoshop.

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Always chasing waterfalls 🧡

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rdub.jr. I love moments of change. Of uncertainty. Of newness and growth. It's

I love moments of change. Of uncertainty. Of newness and growth. It's in these seasons I really see God's grace and intentionality. It's in these moments I am surrounded by peace and purpose despite the chaos. . . . . #seasonofchange #beintentional #optoutside #sheisthewild #wildflower #newseasons #travelptlife #travelpt #wander #grace #instaphoto #outdoorphotography #amongthewild #earth_shotz

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a lush for the luscious linda's garden

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📸 Photo by @laagan007 🌏 Location: Mainit, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines . ✔ TAG us in your awesome photos and videos! ❤️ Use #GoProjectPH for a chance to get featured! . 😍👉 FOLLOW and TAG @GoProjectPH

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adventure_seeker28. Focus on where you’re going. Not on where you’ve been. 🌲

Focus on where you’re going. Not on where you’ve been. 🌲

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Oh Moab, part of me will always love you. 💕

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It’s awesome how a bouquet of flowers and some good-news emails can turn the week around. ☺️ Happy Wednesday!

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Her walk is like a shot of whiskey. Neat and strong and full of purpose. And so many underestimate her punch. -JmStorm Still obsessing over this past weekend’s adventures 🙌🏼 . . . #liveyouradventure #amongthewild #choosemountains #wildernessculture #womenwhohike #optoutside #seekthetrails #ospreypacks #glaciernationalpark

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‘s Photo of the Day. Aug. 21, 2019 By @ian_call19

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teachme_photography. Something about this picture just fascinated me!!! I am really happy t

Something about this picture just fascinated me!!! I am really happy the author of 📸👉@wandering_hikers are so kind to share how this was taken. I know the photography contents much more questions and questions, and then a bit more then more questions, but I am happy to know this: 💥This was shot with a Nikon D500 camera with an 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5 fisheye zoom. The lens was set to 15mm at f/4.5, handheld at 1/100 second. Not much light hits the canyon floor in the early morning, so we notched the exposure up to ISO 1250 and corrected the noise later in Camera RAW. Unfortunately we forgot to convert to sRGB before sharing, so Instagram stole some of that green pop on upload. Lesson learned :-) I appreciate it so much @wandering_hikers ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏 💥Do you have questions to photographer, please ask it in comments? 💥If you would like to share your own #photography you would like to discuss or share little tips, please @teachme_photography ⁣ . . . . . naturephotography #photography #photographers #photomaster #photoarts #whyihike #nomadgirls #shewhowanders #sheexplores #sheadventures #andshesdopetoo #earthgirladventures #outdoortones #amongthewild #timetoplay #hockinghills #ohionature #ohioexplored #hiking #hiking👣 #hiking🌲 #ourcolourdays #ig_brilliant #hikingphotography #fairytaleforest #hikingviews #icu_usa ⁣ ⁣

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markie_arts. There are so many forms of art, one of them is filming. 
Doing film is

There are so many forms of art, one of them is filming. Doing film is not easy, it needs time and efforts but those people who appreciated and felt entertained makes it worthy. Thank you so much. Let me share you my experience in @Pebblebeachresorts #MyPebbleBeach, A treasure since 1919.. If you’re looking for place to unwind or visit California in the future, this is one of the pecfect get away spot. Pebble Beach is one of a kind high end resort. It was built on 1919 and until now, its absolutely well maintained. This resorts is located at Monterey California and also in the middle of Los Angeles and San Francisco which is two to three hours drive away from those big cities.it has amenities like outdoor pools, three different fine dining experiece, shopping boutiques, spa and mainly golf course. This resorts shared their 100 years celebration by giving us a 100 years coin remembrance which represents their hard work and a history of full of joy. Thank you for giving my husband such a great celebration. From the receptionist to crewmen & staffs, we couldn't be any happier. For more informations visit their website at www.PebbleBeach.com -> Pebble beach is exclusive booked by calling Note : This is not paid as endorsement, I just love making videos. Thank you so much for such wonderful music.❤️ Credit for the song of the Video: Takatsugu Muramatsu Music Title: The Marsh House Credit for the song of the Video: Dexter Britain Music Title: Waking Up Thank you so much for watching, Markie Check out Shop!!! www.MarkieCollection.com One of our best seller is Xtreme iPhone Cases!!! https://markiecollection.com/collections/iphone-cases-collections/products/heavy-duty-mechanical-metal-protection-iphone-cases #thisworldexists #wearethewild #greettheoutdoors #wowplanet #allaboutadventures #amongthewild #depthsofearth #globalcapture #chasingsunrise #locationcollective #globalcapture #earthoutdoors #summer #ocean #igtvforest #igtvtravel #filmaker #artist #igtvfilmaker #cinematography #travel #beautifuldestinations #igtvartistic #igtvCreator #cinematography #igtvpassion #winter #djiglobal #lakedestinations #igtvlight

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How can you not get to Grand Teton? This is paradise right here. Tag someone who needs to see this - - 📸@ericcooperimages - - Check out his awesome page.

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Last night took an L, but tonight we bounce back

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I gotta fever and the only prescription is more wildflowers. 🥀

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Hellooo und häppy Thörsdäi. So. Geregnet hat’s hier zwar aber es hat immernoch warme 27°C. Ist bisschen so wie wenn man in ein kleines Bad rein läuft wenn da grad jemand geduscht hat. Nicht so angenehm. Und deshalb gibts heute passend ein #tbt Foto, von unserem gemeinsamen Familien-Colorado-Trip im April (oder war’s Mai? Auf jeden Fall da, wo wir meinen Papa in Denver am Flughafen abgesetzt haben weil er eher zurück fliegen musste). Und weil in 2 Wochen wieder mal ein 4-Day-Weekend ansteht da national holiday bzw auch bekannt als Esra‘s Birthday 🥳 überlegen wir uns gerade ob wir wohin fahren sollen. Also ich hab schon entschieden aber mein Mann muss noch überlegen, was heißt: Es ist entschieden. Wir fahren! 😄 jetzt überlegen wir nur gerade wohin... ich fände ja Colorado ganz schön... war ich nur 5x dieses Jahr. Sind nur 6-7h Autofahrt und außerdem ist es da auch angenehm kühl und wir können wandern gehen. Oder vielleicht doch lieber Omaha, Nebraska? Da soll es einen tollen Zoo geben... und in Nebraska war ich noch nie. Oder Chicago? Oder lieber 5h südlich nach Oklahoma City? André die Uni zeigen, an der ich meinen Master gemacht habe? (Boomer sooner! Haha)... oder...? Ideen? Immer her damit 😄

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Pretty epic skyline view from Mt. Jackson last night! This was my 49th summit in the park and I would love for my 50th to be something extra sweet. Got any suggestions?😎

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Found this dope ice cave with a waterfall inside yesterday on the way up Jackson🤙

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Caught the sunset on Mount Jackson last night🤟

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