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Loved this last night, dark comedic exposé @oldvictheatre about the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning. Tom Brooke as Alexander was awesome and so brilliantly cast....as was Peter Polycarpou as Boris Berezovsky 🎭👌🏻 I would love to play Marina some time....I need to make sure I call my Russian mother-in-law a bit more to perfect my accent 😄 . . . . . . . #theatre #london #oldvic #drama #lucyprebble #acting #oldvictheatre #contemporarytheatre #russian #corruption #ksb #politics #averyexpensivepoison #actormusician #actormuso

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Bei unserem heutigen Kreisverbandstag in Tangstedt haben wir unseren Kreisvorstand neugewählt. Einstimmig wurde Nils Warnick zum Kreisvorsitzenden gewählt. Außerdem haben wir einen Antrag zur Speicherung erneuerbarer Energien angenommen. Der neue Vorstand nimmt mit viel Freude und Elan seine Arbeit auf und die ersten Veranstaltungen sind auch schon #jungeunion #politics

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Another weekend, another argument with my human! It all started when he gave me “tough love” after I didn’t eat the food that he had prepared for me. He said he'll leave the food on my plate for ten minutes during my meal times and if I don’t eat it, there’d be no food until the next meal: “You’ll eat your food, when you’re hungry.” In response, I announced that I am going on a hunger strike and won’t eat until my demands are met. Pretending that he doesn’t care, my human responded: “Why do you always politicize things, Vafa? It’s simple: you are not eating your food, because you’re not hungry. It is not a matter of politics requiring a political action—a strike; it’s economic: you’ve always had access to an abundant supply of food, so there’s no demand on your part. I’m cutting the supply and there’ll be a demand soon.” I said: “You always criticize neoliberalism for its erosion of progressive values, but in reality, you’re a neoliberal yourself.” My human said: “We have our disagreements, Vafa, but you don’t have to insult me by calling me a neoliberal. Please take your words back.” “I’m not going to,” I responded, “because it’s true. You’re a neoliberal: you force the economic model over issues that are political by nature. I don’t eat and am now on a hunger strike, because of the unequal relations of power between you and me. I have no saying in what and when to eat. You however conveniently turn a political issue into an economic one and reduce everything to a matter of supply and demand that you hope would sort itself out. If you really dislike the neoliberal ideology, you should politicize literally everything: affordable housing in our city is not simply an economic issue; it is political. Climate change can’t be addressed simply by a technological/economic fix; we should participate in the Climate Strike…” I kept on lecturing him for half an hour, until he said: “Okay. I see your point. Let’s go for a walk in the woods to clear our heads. When we’re back, tell me what you’d like to eat, and I’ll make it happen. After our walk, at home, I told my human to warm up whatever he had already prepared for me. He had learned his lesson.

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pcforpm. Andrew Scheer can deliver for our veterans. They deserve better than t
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@atreju_ufficiale 2019: conoscere, ascoltare e confrontarsi! Meloni, Conte, Fitto, Salvini, Boccia, Tajani, il mio Sindaco @salvopogliese, ed altri Leader europei a questa manifestazione! A prescindere dalle idee, che possono anche essere, in alcuni ambiti, diverse da quelle personali, è sempre bello stare in campo da protagonisti, per informarsi e partecipare alla vita democratica del Paese! Io ci sono ... sempre! * * #italia #roma #politica #politics #destra #right #rightwing #atreju #leonardofloridia #democracy #FDI #lega #salvini #likeforlike #f4f #followme #follow #follow4follow #all_shots #followalways #followback #followforfollow #followme #UE #europeanunion #europe #future #friends #fun #photo

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Does the term “white trash” offend you? I decided to make this new Instagram to escape the preconceived notions of my work from my former peers and colleagues. To adequately delve into the laws of attraction, perception, and identity that have become topics in need of resolution in my life, and in my opinion, many people’s lives in American culture. This is a #wip. Are you attracted? Are you repulsed? Are you triggered? Do you recognize this person in essence from your childhood? Can you recognize any philosophies lurking under the surface?

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debates_central. What do you think? Comment below!

#debates #lgbt #politics

What do you think? Comment below! #debates #lgbt #politics

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