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Man LISTEN! I NEVER thought I NEEDED THIS PIECE OF ART BY @snohaalegra !!! WHEN I TELL YALL SHE KILLED THIS!!!! The visuals, THE WARDROBE, THE LOCATIONS, EVERYTHING 😩😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 AND THEN ADDING @michaelbjordan IN THE MIX COMPLETELY DID ME IN!!!! I’m so in love with the studded piece! That bling took me too another dimension! I love this sooo much! Its sooo SOOTHING TO MY SOUL! GO CHECK IT OUT! #onREPEAT ——————————— #michaelbjordan #snohaalegra

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Behind the scenes of my PHOTO SHOOT FOR MY NEW UPCOMING WEST COAST SMASH HIT SINGLE “Chaos and Confusion”... Dropping January 12th 2020! Photographer: @aaroncollins27 ———————————————————— #Westcoasthiphop #westcoast #westcoastvibes #westcoastrap #westcoastmusic #blueface #bluefacebleedem #ChaosandConfusion #sunkeeangel #alien8tion #spotify #itunes #comingsoon #2020 #lgbt #rapper #viral #explore #explorepage #music #nipseyhussle #artist #lyrics #spotifyplaylist #newmusic #newmusicalert #dance #thotiana #instagood #alabama

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sunkeeangel. I hear that #alien8tion is waiting for my NEXT HIT SINGLE TO DROP! Wel

I hear that #alien8tion is waiting for my NEXT HIT SINGLE TO DROP! Well here is EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE of me in the studio with @Sony music producer @Bruceautomatic during our recording process! The single is set to be released JAN. 12th! GET INTO IT! This my VERY FIRST WEST COAST track and I wanted to bring a southern belle flow on this one! It’s a HIT! Can’t wait for y’all to hear 👂🏽 THE FULL SONG! Get ready to STREAM on ITUNES, SPOTIFY and ALL OTHER STORES! Co-Cinematographer: @aaroncollins27 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👽👽👽🚀🚀🎼🎧 #Westcoasthiphop #westcoast #westcoastvibes #westcoastrap #westcoastmusic #blueface #bluefacebleedem #ChaosandConfusion #sunkeeangel #alien8tion #spotify #itunes #comingsoon #2020 #lgbt #rapper #viral #explore #explorepage #music #nipseyhussle #artist #lyrics #spotifyplaylist #newmusic #newmusicalert #dance #thotiana #instagood #alabama

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GOODNIGHT #alien8tion 👽👽👽👽👽 Dropping NEW #BTS footage soon! Stay tuned!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 💋

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sunkeeangel. Great reminder @my_family_complete6 ‼️‼️‼️😂😂💙💙🙌🏾 #REALSHIT 

Great reminder @my_family_complete6 ‼️‼️‼️😂😂💙💙🙌🏾 #REALSHIT #LIZZO #AUNTTJACKIE #twerking #hairspray

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Listen! I REALLY REALLY TRIED NOT TO LAUGH BUT I WAS NOT READY! AT ALL! When I TELL YALL I think I LITERALLY CRACKED A DAMN RIB CRYING AT THIS SHIT 😩😂😂😭🤣 I HOPE LIL MAN AIGHT BUT BABEY THAT HORSE SAID FUCK ALL YALL AS HE CHARGED TOWARDS THE STREET SLAMMING THE DAMN CHILD INTO THE CAR AND THEN KEPT GOING AT THAT! The gag was the person who was recording made SURE they caught this footage child lmao!!!!! They damn sure didn’t stop! MANNNN! This gave me the LAUGH OF 2019 🤣😂😭💀 I JUST WASNT READY LAWD! Tickled me into a whole different DIMENSION 🤣🤣😭 Made my morning!

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So I GOT MY GENDER CONFIRMATION SURGERY LETTER from my THERAPIST at the LGBT CENTER AFTER having to sit through two meetings so that they could make sure that I was aware and prepared about this process! I’ve already mentioned a while ago about the type of surgery that I was thinking about getting so please don’t ask! I say this respectfully at this point! I’m now waiting for my consultation to see if I can find the RIGHT SURGEON that I will be comfortable with and I’m hoping that I can find one that has proper experience in the way that I prefer to have it done! I’m not gone lie, I have my days where I’m nervous because this will be a big jump BUT knowing that I have anxiety, it’s expected! It’s either this or continue waking up daily with DYSPHORIA while allowing my mental health to deteriorate! This process hasn’t been so easy but I’m at a cross road and I’m at a place where the pain of where I’ve been has become even MORE transparent in every aspect of my life! I’m beginning to STARE this in the face every direction I LOOK! It’s hard to focus. Some days it’s even been hard to leave my house because OF the DYSPHORIA I feel! People can’t see what I see! I definitely can’t take testosterone blockers for the rest of my life because they cause unwanted side effects so this will have to be my BEST BET IF I can find a surgeon that I’m comfortable with! I have had some days where I’ve felt ALIGNED but after discontinuing the medication SPIRONOLACTONE (T blocker), I feel as if my body is slowly going backwards even though my appearance is still very feminine. Feels like I’m walking into the unknown! I guess I am to some degree but on the other hand, I’ve experienced what it’s like having little to no testosterone in my body! Definitely started out as a roller coaster but like anything else, over time your body begins to ADJUST! That’s what CHANGE IS! Adjusting to a NEW way of life! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I cant allow FEAR to stop me from going forward! Thanking #Alien8tion for riding with me through this process! The SUPPORT during the most craziest moments of my life means more than you all will EVER realize! ‼️ #genderdysphoria #transgender #grs #dysphoria #trans #transition

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WASSUP #alien8tion 👽❓ I know y’all been waiting to hear my NEW SMASH HIT SINGLE “Chaos and Confusion” produced by @sony Music Producer @bruceautomatic ... So here it is FINALLY! My first WEST COAST single! Bringing a SOUTHERN DRIP on a WEST COAST BEAT! The full release is coming SOON! STAY TUNED! Comment below if you READY to STREAM CHAOS AND CONFUSION! 🔥🔥🔥😆🤩🤩 Graphics by: @budbrand —————————— #Westcoasthiphop #westcoast #westcoastvibes #westcoastrap #westcoastmusic #blueface #bluefacebleedem #ChaosandConfusion #sunkeeangel #alien8tion #spotify #itunes #comingsoon #2020 #lgbt #rapper #viral #explore #explorepage #music #nipseyhussle #artist #lyrics #spotifyplaylist #newmusic #newmusicalert #dance #thotiana #instagood #alabama

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WASSUP #alien8tion 👽❓ I know y’all been waiting to hear my NEW SMASH HIT SINGLE “Chaos and Confusion” produced by @sony Music Producer @bruceautomatic ... So here it is FINALLY! My first WEST COAST single! Bringing a SOUTHERN DRIP on a WEST COAST BEAT! The full release is coming SOON! STAY TUNED! Comment below if you READY to STREAM CHAOS AND CONFUSION! 🔥🔥🔥😆🤩🤩 Graphics by: @budbrand —————————— #Westcoasthiphop #westcoast #westcoastvibes #westcoastrap #westcoastmusic #blueface #bluefacebleedem #ChaosandConfusion #sunkeeangel #alien8tion #spotify #itunes #comingsoon #2020 #lgbt #rapper #viral #explore #explorepage #music #nipseyhussle #artist #lyrics #spotifyplaylist #newmusic #newmusicalert #dance #thotiana #instagood #alabama

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sunkeeangel. #ChaosandConfusion COMING SOON! LETS GO #alien8tion 👽👽👽👽

#ChaosandConfusion COMING SOON! LETS GO #alien8tion 👽👽👽👽

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sunkeeangel. He definitely looks TURNT! Or upset! But what I wanna know is WHY? Was

He definitely looks TURNT! Or upset! But what I wanna know is WHY? Was somebody picking at him? Or what? Or was he upset because security told him to stop? I just found this clip! This was before he was shot! Man!!!! I dunno.... I’m wondering if that’s BIG TONY in the black? The security? And since Tip said Tony said go get them ppl he was talking about going to go get, how did he end up shot right after? Did security have anything to do with it? Or was it some random nigga in the club who he was said to have popped off on? So many questions!!!! This whole thing is crazy!

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sunkeeangel. I been following this story because I really wanted to know more about

I been following this story because I really wanted to know more about all of this! I started googling and YouTubing trying to find any and everything I could find! This video came up! Tip Drill said that Santana was in the club talking reckless and acting extra! 😳 I dunno, I HONESTLY don’t think it gives NOBODY the right to shoot ANYONE but on the same token, if this IS TRUE, we gotta be respectful if we want respect! I dunno if someone retaliated “IF” this did go down like this...... The whole thing is all out of order anyway you look at it! Nobody deserves to be shot but when you in the lions 🦁 den around GOONS who already may have an issue with LGBT PEOPLE, we gotta be careful! I’m glad he’s still alive! This could have been soo much more uglier! This story is so unsettling to me! People are talking so I guess it will all come out and make more sense as time go on! I HATE that this has happened! The whole story threw my day off! I care about my people and wanna see GOOD, not this type of DRAMA!

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sunkeeangel. Get into it! I LIVE FOR HE SHE READS!!! This bish right here is a TRUE


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sunkeeangel. (Part 1) IM JUST AS ANGRY about this shit! It’s soo UNSETTLING TO ME!

(Part 1) IM JUST AS ANGRY about this shit! It’s soo UNSETTLING TO ME! I’m not about VIOLENCE BUT ITS TIME TO START BUSSING BACK IN MY OPINION! I agree with a lot of shit she said! We had to FIGHT NIGGAS GROWING UP IN MONTGOMERY ALABAMA for being who we are! I lost a few fights but I also beat some ass too! I bussed a nigga nose and beat a nigga ass in the band room at LANIER HIGH SCHOOL and some got the message that I wasn’t to be fucked with so YES SOMETIMES I DO FEEL we gotta let they ass know wassup! They out here aiming at ppl in our community and we can’t just act like it’s okay! This go for some of the ppl in the community too! Yes some gays and trans women are just as HATEFUL and I’m not gone play with none of them when it comes to MY LIFE! Whoever it is! Queen of Reads spoke a lot of what I been feeling! LISTEN! She has a POINT! ‼️

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sunkeeangel. So I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this video come down my ti

So I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this video come down my timeline! I COULDNT believe my eyes! Out of ALL people, I didn’t think this would happen! One thing I DO know though, you can’t really flourish in your OWN HOME TOWN MOST TIMES! The envy that comes from the ones RIGHT AROUND YOU IS CRAZY and sometimes they will even have their hands in on it! IM GLAD that you are still ALIVE because it could have been YOUR LIFE! Santana, ITs not about being SCARED or anything, it’s not about that! Now it’s about your safety and protection! Sometimes YOU HAVE TO LEAVE HOME when you begin to OUTGROW where you are from! You have to leave it all behind! The love will always be there from the ones who SUPPORT YOU! But when you are called to do something HIGHER, your light will bring darkness out of people! ITS TRUE! YES you are a CELEBRITY! Ya gotta move like one now! I wanna see you continue to flourish! It’s sooo much division going on in our community and I hate it! This really broke my heart to see this! Nobody deserves to be shot period! Please heal up and take a break! Step back! Reevaluate some things! Make sure everyone around you is SOLID! If they ain’t, THEY GOTS TO GO! Your destiny is depending on this! Don’t let someone get a second chance at aiming at you! I dunno where it’s all gone go from here but I wish you much protection around you I hope that you make the best decision regarding your life and where things are headed! Take heed to what’s happening! The most hate will come from YOUR OWN CITY and even some of your A1 DAY 1’s....... It’s sad but that’s how it is! Much love! This will make you STRONGER in the end I believe! Sending you much support! Xoxoxox - Sunkee Angel #saucysantana

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sunkeeangel. Repost via @bumstina 😩😩😩
THIS WAS SOOO ON POINT!!!! The universe is

Repost via @bumstina 😩😩😩 THIS WAS SOOO ON POINT!!!! The universe is having a DIRECT conversation with me!!!! Thank you!!! YUPPP!!! No shame about anything or guilt! moving forward is what spirit SAID TO DO and I’m following suit! 🤷🏽‍♀️ The ones who don’t belong on my team, they GONE! Now I’m about to RECREATE my stage for SHOWTI:ME!!!! #CONFIRMATION

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BITCHHHHHH!!!!! @facebook JUST VERIFIED MY MAIN PERSONAL PAGE!!!!!! 😩😩😩 YALL SEE THAT BLUE CHECK? ALL OF MY SOCIAL MEDIA is BECOMING VERIFIED! NOW TWITTER IS NEXT! I swear THE MORE I SEE them putting RESPECT ON MY NAME, THE MORE IT LETS me know that even on my most CRAZIEST days, everything is coming COMING AROUND FULL CIRCLE!!!! IM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL YET AGAIN to see that BLUE CHECK next to my name! It’s been a LONG TIME COMING! A new chapter is definitely on the horizon!!!! LETS GO #ALIEN8TION ! I love y’all for all the support! We all on the journey TOGEVA! 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 #FACEBOOK #VERIFIED #VERIFICATION #BLUECHECK #sunkeeangel #TRANSALIEN #FINALLY #VERIFIEDONFACEBOOK #facebookmemes #facebooklive #FB #fbverified #fbverification

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This!!!! @missymisdemeanorelliott IS THE FUCKIN TRUTH!!!! THE MOTIVATION SHE BRINGS ESPECIALLY ON TWITTER is always RIGHT ON TIME! It’s CONFIRMATION to the things I feel within! THIS QUEEN KNOWS WASSUP! The greats have been through hell and back so I KNOW she knows the struggle that happens behind the scenes of things! I love her for always motivating people! Her words are REAL! ‼️‼️‼️ #KEEPGOING YALL!

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I am MAGIC!!!!!

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Check out this NEW COMMERCIAL of me rocking my new DEEP WAVE WIG FROM @cheillebeauty !!! It’s 100 Percent virgin remy hair that’s Shed free. • Deep wave from the luxe collection • It’s tangled free • It comes from 16 to 24 inches and it’s good up to a YEAR.... A YEAR AND A HALF WITH PROPER MAINTENANCE. • IT COMES IN A NATURAL BROWN COLOR and It can be bleached and dyed. Head on over to @cheillebeauty now and be SURE to visit the website!!! Website: www.CHEILLEBEAUTY.com #PROMO19

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Watch out for these types of people! DONT EVER LET ANYONE try to SHRINK you down so that they can PLAY with you like you don’t matter when you are in the midst of your breakthrough! Trust me, you gone encounter all types of people on your way to the top!!! THEY BE LYING 🤥! They brag with barely NUTHING to show for it! SMH! At least my track record is SOLID ALONE! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I CAN PROVE that! My background is SOLID BABY! I feel better today KNOWING THAT MY VOICE MATTERS! I’m NEVER EVER dealing with anyone else who try to make it seem like I’m difficult for expressing myself! I’m not difficult, I’m just REAL and I wanna be MYSELF! I don’t mind making small changes to make something look better but I’m not gone change MY WHOLE setup for nobody when PPL SIMPLY LOVE ME FOR ME without all that! I speak my truth and people want me to just GO ALONG and that ain’t happening! 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ NOW THAT THE BULLSHIT has come to and end, I can HAPPILY get back on my yellow brick road before I end up SNAPPING on a bitch FORREAL for playing in my face!!! They take ya money, ya TIME, and everything else and don’t even CARE! They tell you to meet them places and then CANCEL after spending coins to come to those locations without having the decency to tell you that they weren’t gonna make it! WELL MY BAD, by the time you’ve made it to that location, THEY TELL YOU AFTERWARDS that they couldn’t make it!!!!! Woooo lawd!!!! I’m GONE KEEP IT REAL TODAY!!!! I feel soooo much better now though! Now that they are out of my way! Stay out my way with the bullshit if ya don’t wanna be TOLD about YASELF especially when you LOUD AND WRONG! I fear nobody! 🤷🏽‍♀️ TO WHOM it may concern! For the ones who are still learning about this game, BE CAREFUL! Everybody ain’t who they seem to be! THATS ALL! NOW I’m done on that little shenanigan! 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️‼️‼️‼️ I said what I SAID!

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No longer anyone’s DOOR MAT!!! Lights ON, NOBODY’s HOME!!!!! THIS IS IT RIGHT HERE!!! ‼️‼️‼️💪🏽 MORE CONFIRMATION! ☺️💙

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The ones who FEEL MY GRAVITATIONAL PULL will ALWAYS SEE MY AUTHENTICITY! They gone FUCK WITH ME TO THE WHEELS FALL OFF! IM gonna only AIM TO push MY content towards the ones who LOVE ME FOR ME! MAYBE ITS NOT SOO MUCH about me FOLLOWING RULES MADE UP TO FIT INTO THIS MOLD of being seen a certain way AS AN ARTIST but RATHER people being FORCED to see me as I AM without CHANGING how I show up or telling me THAT I NEED TO BE A CERTAIN WAY in order to be accepted or “STAMPED BY THEIR APPROVAL”...... Every time I look around, here come SOMEBODY trying to POLICE my every move, EVEN in this industry! They only wanna DOWN PLAY your craft when they want to be RESPONSIBLE for your success or they want to CONTROL IT SOME KINDA WAY! No MAM! I’ve gotten THIS far WITHOUT people who want to CORRECT and CRITIQUE me! WHAT I DO IS perfect enough for the ones who LOVE ME because they don’t see anything to CORRECT! I’m perfect as is! That’s what TRUE ART IS ANYWAY! They LOVE me because what I do comes from the HEART and they FEEL the passion behind it even in my most DARKEST MOMENTS! And guess what baby? You CAN’T EDIT THAT! MY ART IS A TEMPLATE that CANNOT be manipulated or changed! They gone love me however I show up! If ya can’t ALLOW ME to just BE ME while putting OUT what I ALREADY have to bring to the table, then ya don’t need to be apart of my team no way! This go for anyone! If your JOB is to do ONE thing, STAY IN YA LANE and do that! Creative Control should be OFF LIMITS PERIOD! LAWD im not bout to keep being QUIET when people wanna PISS IN MY FACE and tell me it’s RAIN! If they KNOW better, they would KNOW that I’m FAR from the one to play with in such manner! If they don’t, they gone LEARN to RESPECT me the same way they would if I was a mainstream artist! I’m so GLAD that all the negative energy is clearing out before 2020! The curb balls coming my way ain’t doing shit but keeping me BALANCED! With positivity, you GOTTA HAVE NEGATIVITY! It keeps YOUR LIFE BALANCED if you can see it that way! Make peace with it and DON’T LET THEM throw you OFF the mission at hand! Stay focused! I believe in MYSELF! When you really do, you don’t care who LEAVES! Ya don’t need them!

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