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‘Tis the season to give stuff away 🎁! Buy $50 or more in SP gift cards this season and get a FREE dad hat, beanie or mug with purchase. Want the swag without the gift cards 😎? Like this post and comment below with “hat” “beanie” or “mug” and we’ll choose a winner Friday (12/6) morning! #pancakia

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🦃 gobble gobble 🍽 It’s nearly turkey time! We’ll be closed at 3pm tomorrow until Friday AM everywhere but @btvairport. Have a great Thanksgiving! #pancakia #thanksgiving

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More into 🥧 than 🦃? Our friends @the_chubbymuffin have you covered. Head on over to their page to check out their special Thanksgiving pre-order menu! #pancakia #cheesecake

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#tbt to two days ago and the first ❄️ of the season. Welcome to winter, Vermont! ⛄️ #pancakia #letitsnow

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It’s stick season: it’s windy 🌬, it’s blustery and it’s getting cold 🥶 . Some mornings you probably don’t want to leave your 🛏. This Brownie knows how you’re feeling. We take a fresh baked brownie (or blondie) stuff it in a sweet crepe quilt, with pillows of whipped cream, a nightstand of ice cream, and a drizzle of caramel sauce just because. ‘Cuz sometimes you have to get out of bed, but that doesn’t mean your food has to 💤 #pancakia #brownie #uvm

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Boo 👻 🎃 🕷 #pancakia #halloween #comegetspookywithustonight

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Our Marketing Director, Michael, went to the Azores for some serious “market research.” The verdict: Europe knows crepes. Where’s the best crepe you’ve ever had? #crepesallovertheworld #pancakia #azores

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We gave ‘em pumpkin to talk about last night at our second annual pumpkin carving night! See you next year! 🎃 🎃 🎃 #pumpkincarving #fallfun #pumpkintotalkabout #pancakia

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We all ❤️ strawberries, but the Skinny Pancake ❤️ sustainable, local sourcing too! Earlier this year our Quebecois neighbors answered the call, but 🇨🇦 can’t grow strawberries in winter. That’s why we're pleased to announce that we're switching all of our strawberry menu items to a 🍓 Rhubarb Preserve, produced right here in Vermont by our friends at @blakehillpreserves until the end of winter! #strawberries #lovelocal #preserves #pancakia #goodnewstues

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Want to give this pumpkin a personality? Join us for Pumpkin Carving Night next Wednesday at the Skinny Pancake! 🎃 🎃 🎃 #pumpkincarving #fallfun #pancakia

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Forget sweater weather, we call this time of year beanie season. #pancakia #merch #beanie

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We dream in doodles of Pancakia. 🎨 by @winter_melancholy #doodle #pancakia

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Ladies and gentlemen...The Henrietta crepe 🌶🥞⭕️ 📸 by @foodietravells #pancakia #crepes #phishreference

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It’s harvest season, don’t forget to eat your vegetables 🥦🌿👩🏼‍🌾! #broccolini #pancakia #harvest #vermont

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A view from the griddles. #pancakia #bestviewanywhere

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We love 🐝’s. We love @barrhillgin. So you can imagine how much we love Bee’s Knee’s Week. Thanks to @caledoniaspirits, this celebration of pollinators and cocktails has already raised over $30,000! #pancakia #beesknees #pollinatators

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Since we opened in 2006, crepes have been tasting better with a little bit of Richard’s Hot Sauce 🔥. #pancakia #hotsauce

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“This is Freddy P. Flapjack, crepe based meteorologist, reporting live from the Church Street Marketplace. Friday’s forecast calls for sunshine, a pleasant breeze and a really great day to eat a crepe outside.” ☀️🍁👍 #weatherreport #pancakia

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It’s Thursday, do you know where your thirst is? 🍻 #pancakia

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Do you feel that 💨? It’s starting to feel a little like Fall mixing in with our sunshine. So soak up those green ⛰ views while you can before it’s time for the 🍁🍂. #pancakia #vermont #stowe

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skinnypancake. We call them skinny pancakes 🤸‍♀️🥞#pancakia #crepes

We call them skinny pancakes #pancakia #crepes

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It’s Friday, so we’re putting brisket on our poutine today 😎. #pancakia #brisket #poutine #tgif

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We are OPEN @universityofvermont with ☕️ 🥯 🥪 and #ridethecatamount #uvm #pancakia

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