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hannahhdav. running from these f**kboys like... 🏃🏼‍♀️

running from these f**kboys like... 🏃🏼‍♀️

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ikemen3. 本日の弁当はトンテキ。13日の金曜日らしく?大きなトラブル発生中ですが、非本番環境なのがせめてもの救い。美味しい弁当食べて元気出してガンガル

本日の弁当はトンテキ。13日の金曜日らしく?大きなトラブル発生中ですが、非本番環境なのがせめてもの救い。美味しい弁当食べて元気出してガンガル! #本日のお弁当 🍱 #トンテキ 🐖 #田中食品 #タナカのふりかけ #無添加ふりかけ #海苔 #デザートはりんご 🍎

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✨LETS CHAT ABOUT CONSULTATION✨ Why is it important to do a thorough consultation prior to scheduling a color service? 🤔 1. Strand Test Most of the time we will take a small piece of hair and see what your hair is going to do prior to lightening all of it. Take this picture for example. She had one solid previously colored hair all over. When I lightened it, I was able to see where she had old highlights, causing the hair to lighten more only on the ends (notice the middle half is brassier) but also become more fragile and causing major breakage😵 2. It allows us to see your hairs condition I am not sure if that beautiful ashy blonde color you’re showing me will be possible without seeing what type of condition your hair is in. If it’s already really damaged, lightening it will only make it worse 🙅🏽‍♀️ 3. Time Frame and quote Everyone’s hair is different. Only after we have figured out what you’d like to achieve, can we figure out what we’d have to do to get there. Some can take 3 hours while others may need 9! A consultation will allow us to make a game plan and determine a proper amount of time needed to make your hair beautiful! 🤩 . . . . @aliciamurohair #shearmagic

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Pocztówka z nad morza lato 2k19🌊💃🏼

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laisdeleon. This dressssss by @crystaldesign_official 👰💫
Still can’t get over it

This dressssss by @crystaldesign_official 👰💫 Still can’t get over it, It’s a dream come true. (SWIPE for more photos) I love that it’s not “traditional” and with incredible details 😍 I specifically wanted something I wouldn’t feel hot & sweaty in outside. I had a vision of a dress that would flow easily in the wind like this. It couldn’t have been more perfect for our beach wedding. . Thank you @shaylacristinephoto for these amazing photos and for taking time away from your busy wedding schedule to shoot mine. ❤️ I’m the happiest bride in the whole wide world!

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rosminzdrav.ru. Интервью Вероники Скворцовой газете \"Известия\"

Внедрение новой систем

Интервью Вероники Скворцовой газете "Известия" Внедрение новой системы лекарственного обеспечения, по которой льготники будут получать препараты в амбулаторных условиях бесплатно, все остальные пациенты — покупать их со значительной скидкой; регистрация отечественного препарата анти-PD-1, эффективного при меланоме с метастазами; уроки по здоровому образу жизни в школе, появление фильмов и сериалов, пропагандирующих ЗОЖ, - об этом, а также о причинах, по которым Минздрав выступает против идеи объединения ПФР, ФСС и ФОМС, в интервью «Известиям» рассказала Министр здравоохранения России Вероника Скворцова. Ссылка в шапке профиля

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Pretty sure my calling in life is to enable more people to eat heaping bowls of pasta & watch more otter videos. If you need a pasta pep talk, call me.

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I stepped on a stick and it hurt.

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7mini2. *

* * おやおや‼️😳 まさかこれはあれか?🙄w * #仮想通貨 #情報

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