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Adventure is out there. #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @elo_simplement_

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Is snorkeling in the Maldives something that you would love to try? #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @summerleeloves

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It's #worldphotographyday! Tag the most talented photographer you know in the comments section below. #KanuhuraMaldives #Timelessmemories 📸: Our guest @summerleeloves

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Welcome to Kanuhura, an unfettered Paradise for gypsets and like-minded guests. #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @thewonderingdreamer

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Cloudy days have nothing on our unfettered Paradise. #KanuhuraMaldives #Timelessmemories 📸: Our guest @elo_simplement_

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Look what our diving team spotted on their way back from exploring our pristine lagoon. #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📸: Our Diving center team @sun_dive_center

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Who else's excited it's Friday? #Friyay #tgif #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📸: Our guest @turquoiselane

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Spoiler alert: you may encounter some locals during your kayaking session in our lagoon. #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: @muhaphotos

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Today is Watermelon Day, a celebration of everyone's favorite summer fruit! Go get yourself a few slices of watermelon to celebrate this delicious holiday or head over to our Cowry Bar and ask for the 'Sun Experience' , a delicious watermelon-based signature cocktail. #SunMixology #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives

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See those two deserted islets that can be spotted from our shores? They're available for the exclusive use of our guests. Enjoy an ultimate Robinson Crusoe style escape. #KanuhuraMaldives  #SunLuxuryMoments  #timelessmemories 📸: @dhi_luth

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This certainly puts the "good" in Good morning. #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📷: @thewonderingdreamer

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Climbing down the ladder of your water villa to immerse yourself in the refreshing crystalline sea : an indescribable feeling. #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @turquoiselane & @brooklynhawaii

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