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I was gonna post this on my finsta but I feel like my rinsta needs to see more of my true colors cause I’m really not out here walking around naked in real life. Lmfao. SOOO here’s me, on set, for a new music video with a huge rapper, face beat, hair done, enjoying every minute of my chicken. ENJOY✨🎥 & Happy Sunday. 🌹

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last night was cute 🌹

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@showemhow2move@chulo_da_dancer class was THE vibe!! should I post the rest??! 🎥: @shootmadonna

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“SOMEBODY” OUT NOW! @artisthbtl @liltecca @internetmoneyrecords 🌹❤️ So blessed to work with @artisthbtl again! Director: @treylyons ✨ thank you @lusttmodels_ for being the plug 💘🧢 literally my only job was to keep a straight face while @liltecca danced in my face and I couldn’t keep it together smh

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If you hesitate between me and another person, don’t choose me 🙃

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got it without you 🌹🍒

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“NEW BOOTS B***H” - @rickeythompson 🖤🖤

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“GOODIES” @ciara 💋🍭🍬🧁 I mess up hella times in this video but each time I caught myself right away and kept pushing, I used to mess up and get frustrated mid-dance, walk off and check out mentally the rest of class, so I see this as huge growth for myself. The energy in this class was everythingggg!!! Thank you so much @_jamesalonzo for this push, you’re my favorite ✨💗 #FullOut !!!!!! Choreo: @_jamesalonzo 👑 Dancing with these 2 dope guys! (plz tag them if you know them!) 📍: @bdcnyc 🎥: @mulan_film_photography

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hannahhdav. What you see: me, posing at the beach VS. What you don’t see: me doing

What you see: me, posing at the beach VS. What you don’t see: me doing everything I can not to move or breathe so my nip doesn’t pop out

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running from these f**kboys like... 🏃🏼‍♀️

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Go peep the new “THOT BOX” music video! 💎🎥 Blessed to have opportunities like this. Momma I made it! @hitmaka @meekmill @2chainz @ybnnahmir @artisthbtl @tyga Love y’all 🙏🏽💗✨ Director: @ssdaigui x @wynterstar Producer: @seemeonset EP: @fatkingfilms AD: @neef876 PM: @wheres_sam_ DP: @lucamcbaby AC: @quietjacob x @mikanotmika Steadi: @devon_catucci Stylist: @elliemarief asst: @krystal_rolo MUA: @muaholly Hair: @jneztheartis Nail Tech: @nailman__ Art Director: @kristiankruz Casting: @dvcasting @lusttmodels_ @atlstalent Key PA: @tuanitas Editor: @editedbychaz Talent: Hitmaka - @yafavoriteva YBN Nahmir - @tiffany_fadhel Meek Mill - @jvliesantana 2 Chainz - @thejayeletia A Boogie - @feeva_d Tyga - @suzanamae_ Lead: @kinkyycurly Dancers: @hannahhdav @theelizabethglo @wtfstephx Extras: @niaraj.a @jasmineerodriguez @ashleejenae #ThotBox #Hitmaka 📦

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Runaway Love Dress by @zsane_a ✨ 📸: @mortimervisuals

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dreams money can buy

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⚠️ lemme chill on the gram for a sec ⚠️

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On Set 🎥

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Pouty Girl 🦋✨

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mid-bend & snap!!💅🏽👛

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will you remember me?

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