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Wonders hidden beneath the waves!💙 Explore the beautiful coral reefs during you stay with us @embudu.village!☺️ . . . #kaimoocelebrating40

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Sunset state of mind😍 Meet me where the sky touches the sea!☺️ 📸 @elea3078 #kaimoocelebrating40

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All you need is some Vitamin sea!💙 Explore our beautiful house reef,You can never get enough!☺️ 📸 @megu_phei #kaimoocelebrating40

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Perfect sweet treat for your summer! Satisfy your taste buds with this heavenly rolls🤤 #kaimoocelebrating40

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The ocean soothes the soul!💙 📸 @juliamoeller96 #kaimoocelebrating40

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Vacation state of mind😍 Escaping to my happy place! 📸 @alinaapfelbaum #kaimoocelebrating40

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embudu.village. Serenity😍
Sunsets that will leave you in Awe!
📸 @mridula_anand 

Serenity😍 Sunsets that will leave you in Awe! 📸 @mridula_anand #kaimoocelebrating40

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embudu.village. Absolute heaven for divers and snorkelers!💙
A must do if you are at E

Absolute heaven for divers and snorkelers!💙 A must do if you are at Embudu Village☺️ 📸 @z.i.u #kaimoocelebrating40

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Salty vibes,Sunny days and Glistening lagoon✨ The perfect summer combo!🌞 📸 @stepstepnie #kaimoocelebrating40

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Tropical state of mind 💚🌴 Tag someone who would love to be here!😌 📸 @z.i.u . . . #kaimoocelebrating40

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Perfect spot to catch the beautiful sunsets at Embudu Village😌 📸 @elektrod.korabelnikov #kaimoocelebrating40

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Dancing to the sound of the waves!💙 📸 @decker_laura #kaimoocelebrating40

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May the magic of this holy festival bring unlimited happiness in your life and decorate it with colors of heaven✨ Wishing you and your family on this wonderful occasion of eid, Eid Mubarak!😌 #kaimoocelebrating40

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A Glimpse of the tropical sanctuary🌴 📸 @tahotelli . . . #kaimoocelebrating40

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Entertainment under the waters😍 There is so much to see in our house reef! Let us know what you have spotted during your swim😌 📸@daniel_schneeberger_underwater . . . #kaimoocelebrating40

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Soak yourself in the Ocean on a Warm Sunday!!🌞💙 📸 @luckyljuk . . . #kaimoocelebrating40

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Posted @withrepost@luminousdeep A black tip reef shark patrols the shallow waters around #embuduvillage in the #maldives @embudu.village has one of the nicest lagoons to snorkel in , full of these beautiful juveniles 💙🦈 #kaimoocelebrating40

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Lunch with a view😍 Tag someone who would love this!😌 . . . #kaimoocelebrating40

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