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Mashed Potatoes or Stuffing? Turkey or Brisket? What's your #1 Christmas food? 🎅 Well naughty or nice, this holiday season @adamsonbarbecue is letting you have it ALL!!! . . Order their "Ultimate Christmas Dinner" and feed the whole fam with incredible options like Croque Monsieur Scalloped Potatoes, S'mores Sweet Potato Mash, Bacon Brussels, Turkey or Brisket and of course a delicious Dessert. (👉 SWIPE THRU 🤤 TO SEE THE WHOLE MENU) . . Checkout @adamsonbarbecue to order and for more info. . . ⭐📷 @adamsonbarbecue

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What's the best Pizza toppings pairing you've had? For me one of the most perfectly created pies has to be the TRUFF-GHI from @descendant_pizza With a cheese blend, slow-roasted garlic cremini mushrooms, caramelized onions, double- smoked bacon, white truffle sauce, lemon zest, fresh thyme. . . It's so good that my previously non pizza loving friend @nat0523 one half of @myfoodnation literally converted to a Pizza Lover!!! If you've never had you NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to go! . . ⭐📷 By me @ryhanks and I'm #EatingFamous at @descendant_pizza

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(👉 SLIDE TO 🤤 DECIDE ✅) What Indian Fusion Food makes you the hungriest? . . 1) Bun Kabab Burger wrapped with an Egg & topped with Cheese, Onions and Chutneys 2) Indian style Panzeroti aka a Kulcha Pocket. Stuffed with Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Lamb or Paneer for vegetarians. . . ⭐📷 By me @ryhanks and I'm #EatingFamous at @tkretoronto

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🎉 GIVEAWAY WHERE EVERYBODY WINS @marybrownsofficial wants to reward 3 lucky people for their kindness this holiday season with some incredible prizes. All you have to do is upload a video of yourself doing something good for someone. Think of it as being #KindLikeACanuck . . ⁣⁣CHECK OUT THESE PRIZES: 1st Place Prize: $1500 cash!⁣⁣ 2nd Place Prize: 65” TCL Flatscreen TV⁣⁣ 3rd Place Prize: $100 Mary Brown’s Gift Card⁣⁣ . . What can you do to make someone’s day a little better? 🤔 You can help someone carry their groceries or help shovel your neighbour's driveway!⁣⁣ . . They even inspired yours truly to donate 2 of my favorite brand new suits to @diabetescanada . ⁣⁣. TO ENTER:⁣⁣ 1. Share a video of your Random Act of Kindness on Instagram or Facebook along with the hashtag #KindLikeACanuck⁣⁣ 2. For Facebook Entry - Submit your video entry by Direct Message.⁣⁣ 3. For Instagram Entry - Post your video to your feed and tag us in the post along with the hashtag #KindLikeACanuck or by Direct Message to @MaryBrownsOfficial.⁣⁣ 4. To qualify, your entry must be submitted by 11:00pm EDT on December 13th, 2019.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Mary Brown's will be selecting our favourite videos and announcing the lucky winners on Monday, December 16th, 2019! Winners have a 72-hour window to claim their prize before a new winner will be chosen.

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Question: Does Pizza with Vodka Sauce for lunch count as "Day Drinking"? (👉🏾 SWIPE 🤤 WIPE ✅ VOTE) . . ⭐📷 By me @ryhanks ⭐🍕 @makerpizza Limited* Vodka Sauce Pizza is in the spotlight . . . . . #EatFamous #RyHanks #MakerPizza #VodkaSauce #DrunkInLove #TorontoPizza #PizzaPorn #NiceSlice

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Is Mac & Cheese a side? Ketchup on Mac & Cheese, yes or no? Me and @marvedtv tackle all of these questions when I join them at @bobbiesuesmac for food, debates and hopefully just the first of many more videos. GET READY TO LAUGH cuz this one is JOKES (Link to the episode in my bio) . . ⭐📷 Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese ⭐⭐ Me and my guys from @marvedtv

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🎥⭐🌞 You gotta checkout this video recap of my incredibly DELICIOUS Michelin Star and Plated Culinary Road Trip of Southern California. The cold and snow here in Toronto was making me feel nostalgic. I was going through pics and clips from the trip and just had to share this. . . This was my first trip to the West Coast but it definitely won't be my last. I encourage anyone who hasn't been to go. And if you haven't been back in a while, now is the time. Especially if you are a food lover like me!!! . . Thanks to everyone at: @visitcalifornia @visitpalmsprings @visitgreaterps @visitpasadena @discoverla

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I need some really BIG RINGS!!! Oh what a time to be alive. Onion Rings the same size as the Fish, so you better be ready to EAT!!! I don't think I'm pickier about anything than I am about where I get my Fish & Chips from. I need the Fish to be Halibut, I need fresh cut double fried Fries and extra Tartar Sauce. What meal do you need prepared in a very specific way? . . ⭐📷 by me @ryhanks 🐟🍟 Halibut, Poutine and a side of Onions from @oldeyorke are in the spotlight . . #EatFamous #EatFamousToronto #RyHanks #FishAndChips #OldeYorkeFishAndChips #Poutine #onionrings

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(👉🏾 SWIPE 🤤 WIPE👉🏾 REPEAT) to see why the City of Angels may need to be called the City of Heavenly Food. The last stop on my @visitcalifornia did not disappoint at all. . . I don't know if I've ever had so much great food in such a short period of time. From the grilled goodness at the @LoveHourLosAngeles Burger Pop-up to the 2 Michelin Star Seafood adventure at @ProvidenceLA to a bad ass Breakfasts with visionary Jordan Kahn at his @Destroyer.LA has it all (including my heart ❤️and unfortunately Kawhi Leonard💔) . . ⭐📷 All photos by me: @ryhanks . . 1) Burgers by @lovehourlosangeles 2) Wagyu at @lecomptoirla 3) Cornflake French Toast @openaire_la 4) Black & White Pasta from @maccheronirepublic 5) Chocolate Chai Pot de Cremè from @badmaashla 6) Espresso PB & J from @pbj.la 7) Perfection at @providencela 8) More perfection @providencela 9) Art on a plate @destroyer.la 10) Just some of the spread at @destroyer.la . . #DiscoverLA #VisitCalifornia #DreamBig

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eatfamous. Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake or Ferrero Shake?(👉🏾 SWIPE 🤤 WIPE ✅ VOTE)

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake or Ferrero Shake?(👉🏾 SWIPE 🤤 WIPE ✅ VOTE) Let me know down below 👇 . . Both Shakes have a full slice of Cheesecake blended into them. The Pumpkin Spice also has a slice of Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake on top. The Ferrero comes with Whipped Cream, a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and a bite of Cheesecake. And the are only 2 of over 80 total varieties of Shakes offered at @holyshakestoronto YES I SAID 80 DIFFERENT SHAKES. Now you see why I couldn't have just 1! . . @holyshakestoronto is a milkshake lovers paradise. So you're going to want to bring the squad so you can get a few and share.

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Yes or No: Ever need a vacation after a vacation? My trip to Cali was amazing but when I got back I really need to just lounge, do nothing and most importantly reconnect with my wife and our baby bump . So I set up a little Stay-Cation with the good folks at @ictorontoyorkville . . Located in Toronto's chicest neighborhood it was a perfect home away from home for the weekend getaway. A room with a view, an incredibly attentive staff and of course room service was exactly what I needed to recharge. . . (👉🏾 SWIPE 🤤 WIPE 👉🏾 REPEAT) to see what a good time we had. . . 📷 photos courtesy of @shizzam9

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Think Cali is all beaches and movie sets? Not even close. Some of the most picturesque views and some of the best food I had was in in the Greater Palm Springs Dessert. . . That's right, I had indulgent brunches at the likes of @wilmafrieda . Enjoyed a luxurious stay at the @desertsprings .We are talking Flamingo's on the front lawn and boats inside of the lobby (👉 swipe to see it yourself). Had my "buttons pushed" at the #PinkCabana inside of @sandshotelspa . And don't tell anyone but there was also a speakeasy style hidden restaurant experience to be had at @timetemp . Just a couple of reasons to #visitgreaterps when you #visitcalifornia . . @visitcalifornia #DreamBig @visitpalmsprings #FindYourOasis

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VOLUME UP🔊 It's been a long time/ I shouldn't have left you/ without a dope vid to laugh to (and drool over). Your boys are back! Join me @ryhanks and my guy @chefletigre as he is on the hunt for Italian food and I'm on the hunt for the reason Le Tigre is walking around talking like Chef Boyardee. Both missions lead us to @canorestaurant on St. Clair West in Toronto, where we link up with @chef_adam_pereira . The twist, Pereira isn't from Bologna or Naples, his roots are tied to the beautiful island of St Kitts. So just maybe JT horrible accent is proof that it's not all about where you're from but where you're at!!! So join us for this episode of Tiger Eats Famous!!! . . ⭐🎥 @revivefilms + @filmsbyamrit + @apalsidhu ⭐🎧 @backtopunjab

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The day I got to Palm Springs it was warmer than any other city in the USA. In Toronto it was cold and snowing . So to say that my @visitcalifornia Culinary Road was off to a great start would be a massive understatement. (👉🏾 SWIPE 🤤 WIPE 👉🏾 REPEAT) . . Then I checked into the @arrivehotels #PalmSprings and things got even better. ARRIVE's whole vibe and esthetic is fresh as baby's breath. A modern boutique hotel that immediately puts you at ease. At check-in you're pointed towards a cooler full of complementary "adult beverages". And by now you've also been staring at the pool picturing yourself lounging as soon as you drop your bags. My impeccably furnished suite had its own private patio with a fireplace, remote controlled blinds and @aesopskincare products in the washroom. . . But the big bonus for a food lover like me...Their onsite restaurant is a @wexlersdeli . Yup that's right fresh bagels and pastrami bacon baby!!! . . ⭐📷 @ryhanks @visitpalmsprings #visitcalifornia #DreamBig

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Yes or No? You've been to restaurant and wanted to order everything on the menu? Well that's pretty much what me and some fellow Canadian journalists did on the first night of my recent Southern California Culinary Trip. . . Our 1st dinner was at @mrlyonspalmsprings in beautiful Palm Springs. A classically dimly lit yet modern Steakhouse that set the perfect tone for an incredible trip. Now when I said we pretty much ordered everything on the menu, I mean it (including EVERY dessert and EVERY cut of Steak they serve up along with tons of delicious sides) . . ⭐📷 1) Gooey Mac and Cheese. 2) Just 1 of the many Steaks we ordered. 3) Only about half of the total spread. 4) Beef Tartare. 5) Sticky Toffee Pudding. 6) Apple Crumble. 7) More Mac. 8) 1st time I've had Fried Rice with Steak. 9) The Bone Marrow was sooo good. 10) Housemade Mint Ice Cream. . . #VisitCalifornia #VisitPalmSprings #DreamBig #RHanks ⭐📷 All photos by me @ryhanks

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What's your @innout order? Singles, Doubles, Triples? Animal Style? Either way, it's a must stop on any California trip, which is why I started my recent trip to Cali here. But if you think this is what all my food adventures were about, think again. My @visitcalifornia Southern California Road Trip took me across @visitpalmsprings @visitgreaterps @visitpasadena and @discoverla for some of the most memorable meals of my life. We are talking recently honored Michelin Star gems and local legends. Over the next few days I'll be sharing my favorite bites on the feed and of course on my stories. I bet you'll be booking a flight in no time!!! . ⭐ @ryhanks and I'm #EatingFamous

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What are your go to Hot Dog topping? I know there are rules depending on where you're from. Sorry Chicago, I'm putting Ketchup on my Dog (unless it's topped with Lobster, Poutine or Mac and Cheese like these bad boys) . . ⭐📷 By me @ryhanks

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I haven't been posting often cuz I'm in California working on something special. But I thought I'd share something I really loved. . . ⭐📷 By me @ryhanks and I'm #EatingFamous at @apolloniaspizza ⭐🍕 Their Pepperoni Square topped with Burrata and @mikeshothoney is in the spotlight

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Return of the Mac! Make sure you lookout for a new episode of @marvedtv dropping soon featuring yours truly. These brothers of @marvedtv are my favorite food collective in the city, so I was honored to get hangout and eat with the young kings. We linked up at @bobbiesuesmac for some,you guessed it...

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When the skills of the Culinary Team at the arena rivals those of the 2019 NBA World Champion @raptors you know you are cheering for the right squad. As the Raps have begun to defend their title, it looks like the team at #HotStoveClub (located inside of @scotiabankarena ) have their eyes on trophies too. Had another killer meal inside of the arena's Steakhouse and my stomach was the winner!!! . . ⭐📷 all photos by me @ryhanks 1) Full spread including their Tomahawk 2) The best Baked Potato in Toronto 3) Truffle Mac & Cheese 4) Fresh Seafood Platter 5) I can't tell you the name of the dish cuz it's my favorite and I don't want anyone ordering it 🤐 6) Sticky Toffee Pudding + Carrot Cake . . . And of course I have to shout ok the following All Stars @chefcartron @sydken @chef_zee67 @matthewsullychef @chefcreezle

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What's your favorite brunch item? Nothing beats Fried Chicken on fresh Buttermilk Biscuit with Egg (+ Bacon). At least not as far as I'm concerned. Am I wrong? 👍🏾/👎 . . ⭐📷 @ryhanks and I'm #EatingFamous at @beasttoronto and their "Beastwich" with Sausage Gravy and a Fried Egg is in the spotlight. . . . . #RyHanks #eatfamous #beastrestaurant #friedchickenbiscuit #friedchicken #torontobrunch #brunchto #blackguyswhobrunch

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What's your favorite Burger Chain?🍔 Bonus question* Where is this Burger from? (It's not from anywhere below) A) McDonald's B) White Castle C) Wendy's D) Five Guys E) In-n-Out F) Shake Shack G) Burger King H) Harvey's I) A&W

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Happy #CheFamousaFriday y'all. ⭐📷 By me @ryhanks

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What's better, eating at a great restaurant or ordering in and eating at home? Which do you prefer? I say why not combine the 2? Because that's what I got when Chef Rino and Catherine of @cookingforcatherine came to my home to cook for my wife and I on her birthday 🎁 . . Picture this, you're in the comfort of your own home, there's a knock at the door. You're warmly greeted by the @cookingforcatherine who enter your kitchen with not only the food they will be cooking for you from the menu you chose but also with plates, cutlery and stemware. You sit back, relax and try not do be driven crazy by the incredible aromas coming from your kitchen. And after you enjoy this incredible meal, your dinning room table and kitchen are so clean you'd think you ordered a pizza and ate on the couch. . . This was by far one of the most unique and enjoyable dinning experiences I have ever had. I'd highly recommend @cookingforcatherine to anyone. . . ⭐📷 By me @ryhanks ⭐🥩 In the spotlight: Heirloom tomato salad with burrata, arugula and pesto dressing. 20oz costata fiorentina with forest mushroom and parmesan crusted potatoes with roasted onions. For dessert, classic blueberry lemon cake.

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