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You’ve got something they don’t

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Everything important for university is done so I can relax the rest of this year 😍

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Werbung | GIVEAWAY Ihr wisst, ich liebe die Handyhüllen von @xouxou und aus diesem Grund könnt ihr heute einen 70€ Gutschein für deren Website gewinnen!😍 Um am Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen, müsst ihr: 1. abonniert meinen Kanal (@basiccouture ) und @xouxou 2. Like & kommentiere, in dem du 1-2 Freunde verlinkst, die vielleicht auch teilnehmen wollen Das Gewinnspiel endet am 15.12.2019 um 23:59 Uhr⚡️

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be the kind of person that makes other people want to up their game

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The version of me you created in your mind is not my responsibility ⚡️

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Let change remind you the present is precious

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Had a super relaxed sunday 💫

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Love the details 💗

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Werbung Happy Friday🙌🏼 Don’t forget to use my code “basiccouture15” @nakdfashion for 15% off your next order #nakdfashion

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*Werbung Finally the decoration in my room is done with some new pictures from @desenio 💫 Today is the last day where you can use my code “BASICCOUTURE25” for 25% off (except handpicked, personalized and frames) #desenio

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Werbung It’s take grace to remain kind in cruel situations 🌻

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Werbung Final touches in my room with new pictures from @desenio Get 25% off with my code “BASICCOUTURE25” of poster (except handpicked, frames and personalize poster) until December 5th💫 #desenio

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Started the new week with a relaxing and productive day 🙏🏼

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It’s time for vlogmas🎄check out my channel to see the first vlog ❤️

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Going to the Christmas market today with my bubu ❤️

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Happy Friday🙌🏼 ending the evening with some homemade pasta and some movies

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Humble as ever but aware of my value

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Thought it’s time for a new selfie

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#throwback to warmer fall days 🍂

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Weekend mode on because I have no university this week 😍

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Excited for the upcoming week 😍

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Happy weekend everyone 💫

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Idk if cowboy boots are still on trend

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