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My plans consist of…not leaving this couch! @TheCrownNetflix premieres today…and thanks to this royal holiday gift box, I have everything I need to celebrate the new season. So if you need me…I’ll be right here! 😊Who’s watching with me? #ad

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REFLECTING on how good I look in this suit... lol jk... kinda 😏 Captured by @visionsofele

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Hi :)

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Patiently waiting for the caffeine to kick in... until then ima just sit right here! Lol 📸 @cherryblossommemories

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An accurate representation of last Saturday with some of my favorite people!

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WOW WOW WOW I JUST LOVE THIS! Joining the #AsSheIs movement (thank you @madison_watkins) showing that we don’t need filters or edits or to look perfect all the FORKING time! Don’t get me wrong... I love a good preset... but it’s NOT a necessity 👏🏼 Challenging: @tarynerenee @themarissacallahan @bevinaprince ps... 3rd pics my fav!

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It’s crazy that I focus so hard on consuming only natural ingredients but I forget to pay attention to what I put on my face. @EOSPRODUCTS natural line are made with natural ingredients and come in fun flavors like honey 🍯 #eosnatural #eosawesome #ad

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No such thing as too many pockets! Click the link in my bio and get 2 for $24 when you join VIP!!! Happy shopping! @fabletics #fableticsambassador #myfabletics

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LA’s been showing off a little bit lately 🧡

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Me reaching for my coffee this morning 😂 Captured by the lovely @visionsofele

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"You think I'm just a doll. A doll that's pink and light. A doll you can arrange any way you like. You're wrong. Very wrong. What you think of me is only a ghost of time. I am dangerous. And I will show you just how dark I can be." - Harley Quinn #halloween

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Just spent a few days in Austin Texas with my @soulcycle fam as part of their first ever #retreatsbysoulcycle a new off the bike experience! The friends I made and memories we shared, made this a unique and special trip that I will never forget 🧡 #soulgifted

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Got one for me... and you! That’s right... it’s giveaway time! How to enter: 1. Follow @lightboxjewelry 2. Tag a friend and comment which color you want 3. Comment and Like @alisha’s last post for more entries! @lightboxjewelry makes lab-grown diamond jewelry and the giveaway is for a pair of 1 carat total weight studs in pink and one pair in blue. #ad

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LIFE HACK: buy fitness jackets over normal ones ALWAYS! There’s WAY more pockets! (Link in my bio for 50% off outerwear!) @fabletics #fableticsambassador #myfabletics

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You can’t tell by the look on my face but last night was fun. Also, swipe for a super sick accidental lens flare that stole the show!

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Don’t get me wrong.... I enjoy social media. I just think there are more important things in life that need to be prioritized. @millerlite is going dark on social media for 24 hours and so am I. Because authentic connections IRL are important too. #itsmillertime #ad

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My current view 🤦🏼‍♀️ #traffic Driving in LA requires a good podcast or good music and I need some new stuff! Leave your recs below ⬇️ (also can we not do top 40? I’ve already heard that!)

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A #mondaymood if I’ve ever seen one! 😂 Captured by: @visionsofele

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Just uploaded my morning & nighttime skincare routine! Go show it some love and comment that INSTA sent you🧡 (link in bio)

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Spent a considerable amount of time editing this mirror to look clean! Honestly just cleaning it would have been faster😂 #lazy

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seeing double 📸 @cherryblossommemories

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Still gushing over how beautiful the Zojoji Temple was. Even though it was surrounded by the city, it was quiet and still.

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She took the midnight train going aaaanyyywhere 🎶

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Shibuya (Shhi - boo - yah)

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